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Guizhou dragon kay network technology co., LTDWas established2016Years,Is a company and site planning、Creative design、Web site production、Internet search engine promotion、Integrated marketing、Independent technical development for the integration of networks,To realize the Internet e-commerce for the mission!

1、Focus on site planning:Site planning is focused onIn web design、Construction、Promotion and operation and so on various aspects problems for the overall planning,And provide the perfect solution process。

2、Pay attention to and website designThe user experience:By providing customers with web sitesUE(Interaction design)AndUI(The visual design)As one of professional web design services to enhance the customer brand value。

3、Pay attention to rankings:Combined with search engine optimization of actual combat experience,Independent developmentCMSSystem,In the rankings for the customer to realize the network marketing effect,For customers through the Internet to realize the Internet+Strategic deployment。

4、Pay attention to marketing services:Agent well-known integrated marketing platform,Convenient for the customer the release of the enterprise business information,Let the customer company profile rapid ascension。

5、Pay attention to the website conversion rate: In the site planning and design when everything is in order to make the customer can get the customer through the website,Improve the website conversion rate as the guidance。

[Professional+Focus] Industry fine designed,Party for the concept of outstanding customer service

We are committed to provide customers with computer website construction system、Mobile phone website construction,WeChat platform construction,Web site management system development and other services;

We focus on website promotion,Make the enterprise on the Internet through search engine optimization to realize natural rankings,Through integrated marketing awareness,For enterprises to make business through Internet to achieve better effect;


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